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ASIS ~ HTCIA 2007 Conference, Training & Expo / Exhibits

Join us May 30 ~ June 1, 2007 for 3 days of instruction to better understand and address breaking issues associated with security management, investigations, apprehension and preventative methodologies. This training is for security managers, law enforcement, district attorneys / prosecutors, corporate security investigators and homeland security administrators.

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Panel Discussion: Selling Security at the “C” Level Click
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Online Class Registration / Payment and expo booth sign ups are open.

Registration is Required for ALL attendees, including those who are only
coming to the free EXPO or those that are only coming to the optional lunch.

Sign up for the free Expo or Optional lunch

Sponsors include:

The HTCIA Silicon Valley Training Conference is known for its superb content, organization and added value. The conference has three days of break-out sessions where you will have the opportunity to select from many topics of general and special interest such as: Internet Crime / Cybercrime, Legal Updates, Network Security, Terrorism and Homeland Security. All of our presenters and instructors are leaders in the high technology crime and homeland security arena.

This course is MCLE and POST certified (pending). This course is eligible for ASIS recertification credit.

Continuing our tradition, we will be combining our training with the 35th Annual San Francisco ASIS Seminar and Exhibits. With a potential of over 600 attendees to the training and exhibitions, attendees do not have to choose one important industry event over the other.

HTCIA Silicon Valley Chapter
The Silicon Valley Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association is proud to co-host the 2007 Conference & Expo.MCLE Certified

Membership Info Brochure (PDF)

HTCIA International

ASIS San Francisco Bay Area ChapterCalifornia POST Certified
The SFBA Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security is proud to co-host the 2007 Conference & Expo.
Membership Information

ASIS International

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